воздушный компрессор зоны 2

Zone 2 air compressor is a special air compressor used in coal mines and other mines to improve the safety performance of air compressors. Zone 2 air compressor is used for all electrical systems, switches, etc. of air compressor motors, control system electrical, display screens, etc. The parts of gas generator that may cause sparks must be explosion-proof. Simply put, the explosion-proof air compressor on AC alternator is an air compressor that cannot cause an explosion. Air compressor explosion protection for lighting tower is not only about motor explosion protection, electrical explosion protection for resistive load bank is more important, you think, if underground coal mines catch fire or explode due to air compressors, you only need motor explosion protection is not enough. There are few domestic manufacturers that can produce explosion-proof air compressors, and they need to have certificates such as "Safety Mark Certificate" to produce. The model, displacement, pressure, etc. of the air compressor must have a unique certificate. Coal mines or chemical systems are more stringent and may require explosion isolation. This is a diesel water pump technology to prevent the spread of explosions.